Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG Factors

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors play an important role in both DMFCO's asset management and its residential mortgage label, MUNT Hypotheken.

By integrating ESG factors into its investment decisions and policies, DMFCO is not solely pursuing financial returns but also actively contributing to a sustainable and liveable world. DMFCO aspires to make a direct and lasting positive impact on society.

DMFCO goes beyond mere legal obligations and believes that taking responsibility based on the three ESG factors is the duty of a modern company in today's society.

DMFCO strives to be a good partner for everyone, including borrowers, advisors, outsourcing partners, investors and employees.


ESG in practice

As a significant portion of the existing Dutch housing stock holds an energy label of B or worse, DMFCO's strategy focuses on encouraging and facilitating homeowners to undertake Energy-Saving Measures (ESM) with the aim of reducing emissions. We accomplish this through proactive engagement with our borrowers and by providing concrete information on the benefits of sustainability improvements. Additionally, DMFCO offers accessible, simple and cost-effective ESM financing to homeowners.

DMFCO provides a customer-friendly mortgage product with fair prices and transparent, easily understandable conditions. Another important aspect of our social approach is our commitment to be there for our borrowers. DMFCO has developed a proactive arrears policy by engaging with borrower at an early stage. DMFCO’s Special Servicing team has a wide range of options, all within a set framework, to offer borrowers personalised support to maximise long-term home retention, including providing job and budget coaches.



Responsible investing is an integral part of DMFCO's investment proposition and therefore, embedded within the overall mortgage processes and services.

DMFCO has achieved several ESG milestones in recent years:

  • Published our first annual ESG report
  • New ESG report for investors including flooding- and climate risk (IORP guidelines)
  • Implementation of  the IMVB Convenant in our ‘Corporate Social Responsible Investing’ (CSRI) policy
  • Introduction of a proposition to finance energy-saving measures
  • MUNT Hypotheken special servicing insourcing
  • DMFCO becoming member of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.
  • Introduction of the knowledge platform kop-munt for financial advisors

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