DMFCO Asset Management

We are DMFCO, the leading independent asset manager with expertise in originating, servicing and managing Dutch residential mortgages. 

Since our inception in 2014, we have built a track record as a reliable partner for investors, originating and managing a residential mortgage portfolio of over €30 billion for 38 institutional investors.

We believe in flexibility and focus. At DMFCO, we concentrate solely on a single asset class: mortgages. We offer our investors the ability to customise their portfolios based on their risk tolerance, return expectations and preferred investment duration.



Our mortgage label

DMFCO exclusively originates residential mortgages under its own mortgage label MUNT Hypotheken. MUNT Hypotheken is a leading mortgage brand that caters to more than 100,000 households. MUNT Hypotheken steadily ranks among the top 10 largest mortgage originators in the Netherlands.

MUNT Hypotheken is held in high regard by both mortgage advisors and borrowers due to its fair and transparent product conditions and clear and predictable application process. This leads to short operational lead times and a heightened level of customer satisfaction.

MUNT Hypotheken cultivates its relationship with mortgage advisors through its knowledge platform, KOP-MUNT.



Experts in Dutch mortgages

DMFCO continuously enhances its expertise and knowledge of the Dutch residential mortgage market. Through our Insights page, we share research on mortgage-related topics and developments in the Dutch housing and mortgage market.



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