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Since its establishment in 2014, DMFCO has been managing Dutch residential mortgage portfolios for institutional investors. We have quickly grown into a significant player in the Dutch residential mortgage market, offering residential mortgage products to Dutch borrowers through our mortgage label, MUNT Hypotheken.

DMFCO has established a successful presence in the Netherlands, achieving a monthly mortgage origination volumes of €300 to 500 million, managing a residential mortgage portfolio of €30 billion with 37 investors, and providing services to 100,000 MUNT borrowers.

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MUNT Hypotheken

DMFCO exclusively originates residential mortgages under its own residential mortgage label, MUNT Hypotheken. MUNT Hypotheken stands as a leading mortgage brand and has a stable position in the Dutch residential mortgage market.

MUNT Hypotheken is highly regarded by both borrowers and mortgage advisors for its clear and predictable process, fair and transparent product conditions and short operational lead times.

A key feature of MUNT's offering is its focus on innovation and flexibility. MUNT has developed mortgage products that meet the changing needs of borrowers combined while delivering best-in-class (special) servicing.

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Outsourcing partners

DMFCO’s he business model is focused around outsourcing operational tasks and processes to robust and reliable partners. DMFCO has outsourced the administration of individual mortgage loans (servicing) to Stater Nederland N.V., which is the largest mortgage servicer in the Netherlands.

DMFCO has also outsourced a part of the financial administration of its funds, specifically encompassing financial reporting and cash management execution, to Intertrust Administrative Services. Additionally, another subsidiary of Intertrust, Intertrust Depositary Services, fulfils the role of the AIFMD Depositary.

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