About us

We are DMFCO, the largest independent asset manager of Dutch residential mortgages. Dutch pension funds and an increasing number of other Dutch and international institutional investors invest in our own mortgage label MUNT Hypotheken. Our mortgage portfolio currently exceeds € 25 billion. Institutional investors have various options to invest in Dutch mortgages:

  • with their own mortgage portfolio, composed by the investor or advised by DFMCO
  • by participating in a joint mortgage portfolio

Which form is most suitable depends on the intended risk profile and the amount to be invested. We advise new and existing investors extensively on this.

We have grown thanks to the confidence of Dutch pension funds. And we are proud of that. Our ambition is a mortgage portfolio of €80 billion by 2030. We want to achieve this growth with Dutch and foreign investors.

DMFCO is licensed by the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM) to offer and broker mortgage loans and DMFCO also has an AIFMD manager license.