Investing in Dutch residential mortgages


We offer institutional investors the opportunity to invest in Dutch residential mortgages through our mortgage label: MUNT Hypotheken. DMFCO is the largest independent asset manager in Dutch residential mortgages, managing the largest Dutch residential mortgage fund on behalf of Dutch pension funds. DMFCO also offers investment solutions for insurance companies and banks.

Through our mortgage label MUNT Hypotheken, our investors gain access to newly originated Dutch residential mortgages. MUNT Hypotheken is an established and recognised mortgage label serving more than 100,000 households.

Our business model is built on efficiency. All core and strategic processes are handled in-house, while operational processes such as mortgage administration are outsourced to best-in-class partners like Stater and Intertrust. This enables us to operate cost-effectively.


Investing in mortgages

Institutional investors can invest in Dutch residential mortgages through one of DMFCO's mortgage funds, which comply with the AIFMD requirements and are registered in the Netherlands with the Dutch regulator AFM. DMFCO has categorised its funds as Article 8(+) under the SFDR regulation

Within these funds, DMFCO offers two investment options: a dedicated portfolio where investors can tailor their preferences for risk appetite and duration, or a pooled fund solution where DMFCO manages the investment guidelines and administrative tasks. In addition to existing funds, DMFCO can provide investors with bespoke investment solutions depending on the (regulatory) needs of the investor.

DMFCO also offers comprehensive portfolio advisory and reporting support. Additionally, investors benefit from efficient communication lines and easy access to DMFCO teams.


DMFCO's mortgage funds

DMFCO offers professional investors* the opportunity to invest in this asset class through one of the following mortgage funds:

  • Nederlands Hypotheken Fonds (NHF): eligible for Dutch pension funds
  • Dutch Mortgage Investment Fund 2020 (DMIF 2020): eligible for professional investors
  • Dutch Mortgage Investment Fund 2024 (DMIF 2024): eligible for professional investors
  • Dutch Mortgage Investment Fund 1863 (DMIF 1863): eligible for professional investors
  • Nederlands Hypotheken Fonds 1908 (NHF 1908): eligible for professional investors.

For more information on our mortgage funds, please contact us.

* Investors as defined in article 1:1 of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act; the fund terms and conditions may contain additional criteria for professional investors.


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