26 sep 2019

With MUNT Mortgages, DMFCO offers institutional investors direct access to the Dutch home mortgage market. Financial Investigator interviewed Jeroen van Hessen..

10 okt 2018

Dutch Mortgage Funding Company (DMFCO) has hit €13bn in assets, making it one of the biggest managers of pension assets..

06 mrt 2017

The Dutch mortgage market is changing fast, with a few new entrants gaining a foothold in only a short period..

05 feb 2016

Edo van de Burgwal is Junior Risk Manager bij DMFCO en schreef een white paper over de toenemende concurrentie op..

14 okt 2015

Schiphol, 14 oktober 2015 – PME stelt € 1 miljard ter beschikking aan de Dutch Mortgage Funding Company (DMFCO) om..

17 aug 2015

MUNT Hypotheken has officially originated €2 billion in mortgages. The milestone of the first billion in originated mortgages was achieved..

01 jun 2015

In a period of eight months, MUNT Hypotheken has obtained a market share exceeding 5%. Meanwhile, MUNT Hypotheken has originated..

01 jun 2015

MUNT Hypotheken has passed the €1 billion mark in originated mortgages. The mortgage lender uses the funds of several Dutch..

15 jan 2015

TNO, SPF and SPOV invest hundreds of millions in Dutch mortgages. Since the start of MUNT Hypotheken in September 2014 three..

DMFCO proudly supports the Rietveld Schröder House, one of the most important architectural achievements of the 20th century. In 1924, Dutch architect..