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26 sep 2019

With MUNT Mortgages, DMFCO offers institutional investors direct access to the Dutch home mortgage market. Financial Investigator interviewed Jeroen van Hessen..

26 sep 2019

DMFCO biedt institutionele beleggers met MUNT Hypotheken rechtstreeks toegang tot de Nederlandse woninghypotheekmarkt. Financial Investigator ging in gesprek met Jeroen..

14 mei 2019

In the Netherlands, direct mortgage lending for investors is well established. In 2014, the Dutch Mortgage Funding Company (DMFCO), an..

02 apr 2019

“The trend of disintermediation, where demand and supply find each other more directly (peer-to-peer networks, Uber, Airbnb), is reaching the..

25 mrt 2019

Mortgage origination backed directly by institutional investors has taken hold in the Netherlands, and is now spreading further afield, with..

15 mrt 2019

Jeroen van Hessen, co-founder of Dutch mortgage investor DMFCO, put the illiquid character of housing loans into perspective at the..

10 okt 2018

Dutch Mortgage Funding Company (DMFCO) has hit €13bn in assets, making it one of the biggest managers of pension assets..

01 jan 2018

Pension funds will provide even more mortgages in the coming years to Dutch home buyers. At the same time, the..

27 sep 2017

Alternatives zijn steeds meer in trek bij pensioenfondsen en andere institutionele beleggers. Vooral vanwege het relatief hoge rendement, het aantrekkelijke..

06 mrt 2017

The Dutch mortgage market is changing fast, with a few new entrants gaining a foothold in only a short period..

20 feb 2017

Article on Housing Finance: Yield Hunters Storm Dutch Mortgage Market Banks off-load loans as securitization stalls; start-ups and insurers..

08 nov 2016

Pension fund Detailhandel (retail) grants €800 million in commitments to Dutch Mortgage Funding Company, to be invested in Dutch Residential mortgages..

12 feb 2016

According to analyses from IG&H consultants, MUNT Hypotheken obtained a market share of 7%, making it the fifth largest mortgage lender..

05 feb 2016

Edo van de Burgwal is Junior Risk Manager bij DMFCO en schreef een white paper over de toenemende concurrentie op..

02 dec 2015

Dutch Mortgage Funding Company (DMFCO) has room for another €1 billion in new commitments to be invested in Dutch mortgages by..

16 nov 2015

Uit de hypotheekupdate van IG&H over het derde kwartaal van 2015 bleek dat MUNT Hypotheken net als in het tweede kwartaal..

14 okt 2015

Schiphol, 14 oktober 2015 – PME stelt € 1 miljard ter beschikking aan de Dutch Mortgage Funding Company (DMFCO) om..

09 sep 2015

MUNT Hypotheken raises €1.5 billion in extra commitments for the origination of new mortgages.  Note: This article is only..

17 aug 2015

MUNT Hypotheken has officially originated €2 billion in mortgages. The milestone of the first billion in originated mortgages was achieved..

01 jun 2015

In a period of eight months, MUNT Hypotheken has obtained a market share exceeding 5%. Meanwhile, MUNT Hypotheken has originated..

01 jun 2015

MUNT Hypotheken has passed the €1 billion mark in originated mortgages. The mortgage lender uses the funds of several Dutch..

20 apr 2015

Even though the majority of Dutch mortgage owners say they understand their mortgage's jargon, 93% agree it should be further simplified.  ..

16 aug 2015

MUNT Hypotheken and Stater anounce the introduction of MijnHypotheekOnline, a digital platform for mortgage customers. Using this platform, customers have..

19 jan 2015

Once again, several pension funds have decided to invest in mortgages originated under the label MUNT Hypotheken, runned by asset..

15 jan 2015

TNO, SPF and SPOV invest hundreds of millions in Dutch mortgages. Since the start of MUNT Hypotheken in September 2014 three..

10 jan 2015

In 2014, MUNT Hypoptheken, a new mortgage lender, entered the Dutch mortgage market. Research by Blauw shows that 10% of all..

12 dec 2014

MUNt Hypotheken has succeeded in connecting demand and supply in the mortgage market, without the interaction of banks. Doing so,..

30 okt 2014

The Netherlands has a new mortgage lender. Banks become reluctant and unambitions on the mortgage market. The introduction of MUNT..

04 okt 2014

Hypotheek Visie and MUNT Hypotheken are collaborating to offer MUNT mortgages through the distribution network of Hypotheek Visie. Note:..

15 okt 2014

MUNT Hypotheken has originated its first mortgage, using the distribution of Van Bruggen Adviesgroep. Note: This article is..

07 okt 2014

A collection of news items about DMFCO and MUNT Hypotheken. Note: This article is only available in Dutch ..

14 sep 2014

Asset manager Dutch mortgage Funding Company (DMFCO) offers institutional investors the option of investing in Dutch residential mortgages. The fund's..

19 sep 2014

As of today, the Netherlands has a new mortgage lender, MUNT Hypotheken. The new mortgage lender has the ambition to..

19 sep 2014

A group of Dutch pension funds has joined forces to originate new mortgages using the label MUNT Hypotheken. ..

DMFCO proudly supports the Rietveld Schröder House, one of the most important architectural achievements of the 20th century. In 1924, Dutch architect..